How do I know if this programme is suitable for me?

Expedition Fit is perfect for you if you’re looking to improve your functional fitness, you will become fitter, stronger and faster and will develop a resilient mind and body. The varied workouts make sure that you’re prepared to run, climb, jump or fight your way into, and out, of trouble. Expedition Fit is suitable for anyone who wants to add years to their life and life to their years. If you have a thirst for adventure and willing to commit, Expedition Fit is the only fitness programme you will ever need. 

How many workouts per week are included

Each week has 3 x workout sessions, 1 x mobility session and a planned C.V session, all of which are programmed over the 8 weeks to improve you, whatever level you start at. That’s a total of 24 workouts, 8 mobility sessions and 8 programmed runs. In addition to this, there is also access to a few motivational videos by Aldo on the subjects of fitness, mental health, goal setting and motivation. Because most of the exercises are complete to failure, it means that everyone is training at the same level. 

How many weeks does it take to complete the programme

The programme will take 8 weeks to complete, with a fitness test at the beginning and end so you can measure your progress. You can always repeat the guide once you have completed it. Each Expedition Fit workout can be completed in less than 60 minutes and is always scalable. Scalable means you can add or drop numbers, increase or decrease resistance or drop/increase the sets. The system is flexible so can be done anywhere, any time; at work, at home or on the move.

Has this guide been designed by you?

Expedition Fit is an 8-week training program that I have developed with friend and former Royal Marines Commando Personal Trainer Sean Lerwill. It will get you fitter, stronger, healthier and happier whilst building a more resilient mindset and a body that can go anywhere and do anything. Over the 8 weeks you will forge physical and mental tools that will open up a whole new world of adventure and excitement, exactly as I have. I have followed this exact system over the last year whilst on Expeditions and it’s the same system that got me shredded for the Men’s Health Cover shoot.

What equipment do I need for this guide?

Expedition Fit is designed to be very portable and mobile, I can fit everything I need into one small bag that I take with me on Expedition. This is the actual type of training that I do, not only to get fit, but to maintain my “go anywhere, do anything, any time” engine.

Exercise like I do with minimal kit and short time windows, no need for a gym or expensive equipment. All you need is:

  1. A pull up bar (Home bars can be bought fairly cheaply. Or find a strong tree.)
  2. A TRX/suspension trainer (Or make your own with rope and plastic pipe.)
  3. A couple of resistance bands (I use the thin red one and the medium green one.)
  4. A jump rope (Any will do but speed ropes with metal bearings are great.)
  5. Ab Roller

Do I have to follow this guide exactly as it was created?

If you don’t have a certain bit of kit or your situation doesn’t allow you to follow the programme exactly, then just follow the old Royal Marines adage that has always served me well - IMPROVISE, ADAPT & OVERCOME. If you miss a session, just add it later in the week or miss it out and get something else done. Expedition Fit is about mixing it up and remaining flexible. 

What are the benefits of following this programme?

Expedition Fit is the one stop shop for all your functional fitness goals. This system is pressure tested in some of the worlds most robust and extreme environments, meaning that you get to build a resilient, strong and supple body that will allow you to run, climb, jump & fight your way into trouble, and out!

What makes this programme different? why should I choose this guide?

The following programme is designed so that it can be performed anywhere in the world. Minimal equipment, minimal fuss, maximum results.

If you are after a pressure tested fitness programme that will build both mental and physical fitness then look no further. Expedition Fit is the Programme that I follow to be ready for action, anywhere in the world, at any time. This system is tried & tested and the go to for anyone wanting to smash their life goals.

Does this guide include a personalised nutrition plan?

Expedition Fit is only a fitness programme and does not touch on diet or nutrition. I live a life of everything in moderation, balance is key for me. There are plenty of online guides with regards to this subject and I am far from qualified to throw anything useful in. Balance. 

Is there a dedicated inbox for specific enquiries regarding workouts and/or nutrition?

@exped_fit on instagram will be where I post some content and it’s a place for you to join the community, post videos and update us on your progress.