Expedition Fit

By Aldo Kane

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About Programme

Expedition Fit is the one stop shop for all your functional fitness goals. This system is pressure tested in some of the worlds most robust and extreme environments, meaning that you get to build a resilient, strong and supple body that will allow you to run, climb, jump & fight your way into trouble, and out! Getting outside and exercising is one of the fundamental building blocks to good mental health and physical fitness, the only thing better is doing it with friends!

Each week has 3 x workouts, 1 x mobility session and a planned C.V session, all of which are programmed over the 8 weeks to improve you, whatever level you start at. There is a fitness test at the start and at the end of the system to measure your progress against and why not join the community via Aldo's Instagram to share your journey and get feedback. That’s a total of 24 workouts, 8 mobility sessions and 8 programmed runs, all for just £29.99

Exercise like I do with minimal kit and short time windows, no need for a gym or expensive equipment. Each Expedition Fit workout can be completed in less than 60 minutes and is always scalable. That means we can all train together, no matter what level you are starting at. Each workout has an easy to understand card and if you get stuck, just click the exercise to view a video demo.

If you are after a pressure tested fitness programme that will build both mental and physical fitness then look no further. Expedition Fit is the Programme that I follow to be ready for action, anywhere in the world, at any time. This system is tried & tested and the go to for anyone wanting to smash their life goals.

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Access Everywhere

Workouts can be viewed while at the gym together with videos showing how to perform each exercise (internet connection required). Screenshot to save it to your mobile device and access it later.

Price: £29.99

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About Me

I am a World Record Setting adventurer, extreme, remote & hostile locations expert and former Royal Marines Commando Sniper. Functional fitness has been a touchstone in my life, allowing me to pass the hardest infantry training in the world at the age of 16. I have recently completed 13 world first expeditions from the high seas of the Atlantic to the jungles of South America. My body, mind and physical fitness have been forged in the real world with minimal kit, yielding maximum returns.

Over the last 20 years, I have operated in some of the world’s toughest, most extreme environments where being “Gym Fit” or “Cosmetically Fit” just doesn’t cut the mustard. When I’m leading expeditions into erupting volcanoes or deep into cartel held jungles, it requires much more than that. It requires a level of functional fitness that is second to none, bomb proof & pressure tested in extremes, underpinned with my mental resilience and a will to succeed. Being Expedition Fit is a way of life for me, it has added years to my adventures and adventure to my years. I am going to introduce you to the same system that I have been using for years to keep me lean, fit, strong & healthy, ready for any and every eventuality.

Expedition Fit is my killer 8-week fitness programme that is based on my actual training routine. This is the actual type of training that I do, not only to get fit, but to maintain my “go anywhere, do anything, any time” engine. This method is tried and tested; it’s backed with years of development, refinement and adjustment. If you want a kick ass engine that will power you through life, then Expedition Fit is for you.

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